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Omarion, a former SCID patient who was cured using gene therapy.

One-Shot "Miracle Cures" That Can Cost Millions

Gene therapies have been incredibly successful for many rare diseases, especially diseases of the blood and immune systems. For example, […]

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Gene editing therapy for bubble boy disease has a money back guarantee

ADA-SCID, commonly known as bubble boy disease, is a immune system disease caused by a mutation in the adenosine deaminase […]

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What are your 2019 research resolutions?

Mass General Research Resolutions

MGH researchers explain their fields of study and share their New Years resolutions in this thoughtful piece featuring Drs. Fatima […]

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What defines a stem cell?

What Defines a Stem Cell? Scientists Rethink the Answer

After several puzzling discoveries have proven that certain stem cell populations are not stem cells at all, or that some […]

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The American Society of Hematology (ASH) today announced the recipients of its 2019 Scholar Awards. One of ASH’s most prestigious award programs, the ASH Scholar Awards financially support fellows and junior faculty dedicated to careers in hematology research as they transition from training programs to careers as independent investigators.

American Society of Hematology Announces 2019 Scholar Award Recipients

Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Hoggatt, who has received a 2019 ASH Scholar Award in the category of basic/translational research, one […]

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Dr Hoggatt in his home kitchen

Let’s Get Cooking with Jonathan Hoggatt

Our principal investigator, Jonathan Hoggatt, discusses his passion for cooking in this ASH Clinical News interview, including his very own […]

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Helping people in need of a transplant

Our recent publication in Cell was featured in the NIH Director’s blog. Check out Dr. Francis Collins’ take on our […]

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La Bioingeniería, aliado estratégico contra enfermedades sanguíneas raras

A Spanish language interview with Jon discussing new advances in gene therapy. Learn More.

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Does the oath to “do no harm” conflict with the right to bear arms?

Jon discusses gun violence in America, and the impact on physicians and scientists. Learn More

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Five Things to Know About Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Harvest

Hear about our work to make donating bone marrow stem cells easier for the donor, and making the transplant better […]

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New gene therapy may be cure for bubble boy disease.

Jon discusses exciting new advances in gene therapy for X-linked SCID with US News. Learn More.

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Farming hematopoietic stem cells

Jon discusses efforts to grow hematopoietic stem cells. In this podcast, Dr. George Daley, Dean of Harvard Medical School, joins […]

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Hannah Wins ASH Outstanding Abstract Achievement Award

Hannah was awarded the prestigious American Society of Hematology “Outstanding Abstract Achievement Award” at the 2015 annual meeting as the […]

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The Scientist - Understanding the Stem Cell Niche

The Scientist webinar on December 1st, 2015 discussing therapeutic targeting of the stem cell niche.

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View Jon's work with The Hematologist

Jon is currently a Contributing Editor of The Hematologist, a publication of the American Society of Hematology that updates readers […]

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Nature Medicine Podcast - Reaching for the SARS

  To hear Jon’s podcast with Nature Medicine discussing his work to enhance bone marrow transplantation, scroll ahead to 23:50 […]

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Nature - Painkillers mobilize blood stem cells

  Recent Feature on Nature & Scientific American   Aspirin-like drugs could improve the success of stem-cell transplants for patients with […]

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HSCI - Aspirin-like Drugs Enhance Bone Marrow Transplants

Harvard Stem Cell Institute interview with Jon about his work enhancing bone marrow transplantation with aspirin-like drugs.

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